unicen is a boutique consulting and coaching company. We present and represent a network of highly experienced individuals who are passionate about what they do, and are both personal and professional in their approach. Emma and Andreas run the unicen platform, bringing together teams with the personalities, background and qualifications you need.



Each member of our unique network possesses broad qualifications and has gained extensive experience in their individual field of expertise.
Our organisational set-up enables us flexibility and agility in providing you with the competencies that fulfil your requirements. Here is a selection of our long-term partners.


In our approach we carefully and systematically clarify the direction your intentions are to take using a variety of sound methodologies. Our aim is to work in unison with you to deliver the (not always obvious) solution you need and that will enable advancement. The assignments we take on are those we are confident we can fulfil.

In our consulting we endeavour to facilitate solution finding processes and activate your internal resources. In doing so, and in the mid-term, we make ourselves superfluous. It is our strong belief that organisations have both the ability and capacity to pursue their goals independently. We understand our role as an initiator, a source of starting your future.

Our coaching serves to provide you with an independent and professional sparring partner. The approach we take supports you in developing new perspectives and getting in touch with your own strengths. Coaching creates space for reflexion… and together we pave the way forward.


Our Work

The services we offer start with strategy development and go on to include change, integration and communication management, also the development of culture, leadership and people. The focus of our work is primarily on the intangible factors that are challenging to manage but crucial for success. As is always the case with coaching.


unicen supports organisations and their management in developing and adapting their strategy. We create space for reflection and facilitate the conversations required to give direction. Through this process the objectives to be reached, and how they are to be achieved, becomes clear.

Project Examples

Change Management Performance Improvement

  • Sector: Media and Software
  • Customer: Mid-sized European company
  • Goal: Development of change strategy and tactics.
  • Description: Development of change strategy (people side delivery) including tactical measures for a two year, corporation-wide cost cutting and performance improvement project.

Change Management Consulting and Training

  • Sector: Public sector
  • Customer: National ministry in the Middle East
  • Goal: Establishment and operationalisation of the change management office
  • Description: Consulting for the lead consultancy in setting up the Change Management Office (CMO), including the change and operating model and alignment with relevant departments. Development and implementation of training for CMO employees (comprehensive toolkit‚ training package and train-the-trainer sessions).


Change management is a widely used term. unicen is specialised in guiding the multiple aspects of change that influence organisational structure and way of working, employee motivation and awareness.

Project Examples

Information Security Change Management

  • Sector: Agriculture and crop protection
  • Customer: Multinational conglomerate
  • Goal: Develop an information security mindset. Enable the organisation to classify information and apply relevant protection measures.
  • Description: Stakeholder and community management, also design and implementation of all communication measures across the organisation.
    Design, organisation and facilitation of small and large group events. Development and implementation of state-of-the-art methodologies to promote awareness, engagement and training (e.g. gamification). Generation of KPIs to measure programme success.

Change Management, Communication and Training

  • Sector: Pharmaceuticals
  • Customer: Global top tier based in Germany
  • Goal: Leading the Communication, Change and Training stream of the company-wide financial reporting system implementation
  • Description: Support of an agile project approach (SAP Hana, > 9 ERPs, 4 k stakeholders and users) through project design and execution, also of go live communication and blended learnings. Facilitation of organizational changes required.


unicen focuses on the intangible, invisible factors that are often neglected, but essential in ensuring successful integration. Many of these factors gravitate around cultural integration and the communication thereof. We are also specialised in building teams in an intercultural context.

Project Examples

Acquisition Integration

  • Sector: IT and digital consulting
  • Customer: Medium-sized IT and media consultancy
  • Goal: Integration of a mobile agency purchased by an IT and media consultancy
  • Description: Sparring partner to the top management, also facilitator for conflict management. Design and implementation of an integration survey tool. Consulting on communication, change and cultural development measures. Development and implementation of social networking platforms.

Integration following reorganisation

  • Sector: Pharmaceuticals
  • Customer: Multinational corporation
  • Goal: Integration of newly formed top management team and leadership development
  • Description: Team coaching and building following large scale reorganisation and strategic realignment. Feedback review and coaching for individual team members.


As organisations evolve and mature, they inevitably undergo cultural development. unicen works with the motiValues® cultural analysis and consulting system. This methodology enables a company to describe their corporate identity and values, also a mutual understanding of leadership and cooperation. A shift in mentality is achieved, paving the way forward for new ways of working and collaborating.

Project Examples

Culture and leadership development

  • Sector: Mobile sector
  • Customer: Spin-off subsidiary company of German corporation
  • Goal: Review company values and develop leadership culture
  • Description: Consulting on the further development of company values, leadership culture and ways of cooperating following rapid organisational growth. Design and execution of leadership workshops, also top management team coaching and conflict management.

Performance Improvement, Lean Management

  • Sector: Insurance
  • Customer: International insurance based in Germany
  • Goal: Establishment of an accomplishment culture and improvement of labor efficiency
  • Description: Process consulting and workshop facilitation. Design and execution of interventions based on agile methodologies. Consulting and coaching of the management.


unicen creates open and transparent communication campaigns that reach into the organisation, facilitate dialogue, and deliver the right messages. We advise on content and explore with you the best channels, timing and methods to use.

Project Examples

Corporate Communication

  • Sector: Pharmaceuticals
  • Customer: Swiss corporation
  • Goal: Strategy and corporate development
  • Description: Status quo documentation of the internal and external communication processes, also for digital communication. Design and implementation of stakeholder interviews and future workshops. Development of the business case, new operating model and implementation plan.

Global Project Communication

  • Sector: Pharmaceuticals
  • Customer: International corporation
  • Goal: Building customer commitment for the new Concur T&E reimbursement process
  • Description: Communication roadmap and campaign development and communication execution based on use cases, initialization of a global sounding board and establishment of international focus groups.


unicen accompanies the development and qualification of employees, leaders and teams with our network of coaches, facilitators and trainers. This takes the form of individual and group coaching, facilitation of workshops and seminars, and training programmes. We also employ a wide variety of management diagnostic tools, including self-assessments, development centres and online surveys (employee survey, 360° feedback review).

Project Examples

Leadership Competencies and Management Audit

  • Sector: Multiple sectors
  • Customer: Turkish conglomerate
  • Goal: Establish group-wide leadership competencies. Conduct management audits for the top and middle management levels
  • Description: Consulting to corporate HR on the project design and corporation’s first leadership competency model. Development of leadership competencies, top management (individual) and middle management (group) assessment procedures. Performance of all assessments and consulting on management potential and succession planning.

Leadership Development

  • Sector: Agency
  • Customer: Top tier German digital agency
  • Goal: Improvement of vertical communication and development of a culture of accomplishment and trust
  • Description: Project design using various methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and Positive Psychology. Consulting on selection of areas for action (walk the talk and communication transparency). Design and execution of leadership workshops and trainings to ensure intervention sustainability.

Leadership Competency Development

  • Sector: Consulting
  • Customer: Medium-sized German consulting company
  • Goal: Development of partners and team leads
  • Description: Development and implementation of 360° review process for all top managers. Advisory to the management regarding leadership development and executive coaching.


unicen primarily offers internal and external selection and assessment procedures. We work in unison with internal HR and functional departments to design and implement fair and effective selection processes.

Project Examples

Trainee Programme Selection Assessments

  • Sector: Materials sciences
  • Size: Multinational corporation
  • Goal: Selection of trainees for sales & marketing, controlling and accounting
  • Description: Consulting on the overall selection process and competency profiles. Design and implementation of group assessments.


Drawing on our experience as leaders, project managers, consultants, coaches… also coachees, we are able to offer you coaching sessions in person or via video conferencing. It doesn’t make any difference to the outcome whether you or your employer engage us. Both is possible.

Our areas of coaching expertise include:

  • Change processes
  • Project and relationship management
  • Leadership role and style
  • Communication and (intercultural) collaboration
  • Strategy and solution finding
  • Working relations in an agile environment
  • (New) Orientation and personality development
  • Resourcefulness and resilience


unicen has been on the market since 2017. The professionals who work together with unicen have been building up their reputation for decades.



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